Steel Shaft Extractor .335 .355 Broken Shaft Tips

Broken Steel Shaft Puller .335 & .355 Taper Tip Irons

SHOP TIP:  Good for scoring the inside of hosels for Good Epoxy Adhesion



This hand tap puller will save you time and money. A customer brings in his or her Driver or Fairway wood, or .335 Taper Tip iron club head with a broken  shaft that has rusted in the hosel, most try to drill it out, but soon find out the drill becomes off center and the club head becomes a throw away, not to mention dulled drill bits.

There is a better way!  All you do is heat the head put it in a soft vise and insert the hand tap puller, then use a crescent wrench on the large nut and back out the broken shaft… it’s that easy.

The Billy Bob Hand Tap Puller is made of solid stainless steel so it won’t become a piece of rust later on. It comes with complete set of instructions. We hand make these here at our shop.

TOOL TIP NOTE* When installing shafts, these work great to Score the Inter Wall of the Club Hosel to promote good adhesion of the epoxy!!

Caution Note*  Heat club hosel only..applying heat to the tap section may loosen the tap in the Threaded sleeve.

It comes with complete set of instructions.


Billy Bob's CMX®

CMX® Club Fitting System
Weight 2 lbs
Select Tap Size

.335 and .355 Taper, .370 Parallel


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