Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 Tour 130

N.S. PRO Modus³ Tour 130, popular with touring pros because they offer optimal performance in the three key areas:

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N.S. PRO Modus³ Tour 130, popular with touring pros because they offer optimal performance in the three key areas:

• Desired trajectory as a result of the unique structure of a softer tip section and stiff mid section.
• Accurate distances due to the unique raw steel material and accompanying heat treatment.
• Tight dispersion coming from the exacting tolerances of the highest quality level.

Relatively low tip rigidity for higher trajectory. The relatively low rigidity of the tip contributes to high trajectories and moderate speed. Tour spin specifications help you negotiate tough conditions with high trajectories.

High mid-section rigidity for more powerful shots. The high-rigidity design smoothly transfers more of the brute force of your swing, without power loss, while also improving controllability by minimizing shaft wobble.

Higher butt rigidity enhances comfort. The increased rigidity of the butt section helps improve the timing of your swing and provide a smoother feeling upon impact.






THE DREAM BEGINS… AND THE DEFINITION OF EXCELLENCE EVOLVES! In early 1959, the proven strength and durable flexibility of NHK Spring Co. LTD.’s marketing-leading automotive value-spring alloy served as the genesis of what would become a revolution in the golf shaft industry. since its inception, Nippon Shaft has developed proprietary golf shaft materials and specialized heat-treatment processes resulting in a line of high performance golf shafts that are superior in feel, consistency and performance. When Nippon Shaft’s N.S. PRO 950GH came to market in 1999, it was the first consistently-made sub-100 gram steel shaft in the world. In addition, all Nippon Shaft products are “constant weighted,” meaning that every iron in a player’s bag be it a 3-iron or a pitching wedge weighs the same. Professionals demand constant weighting for the sake of consistency. Amateurs and higher handicappers also can benefit from constant weighting. NIPPON SHAFT HAS REVOLUTIONIZED THE GOLF GAME, MAKING ITS SHAFTS THE DEFINING COMPONENT OF THE ULTIMATE OBSESSION.
Weight 1.5 lbs
Shaft Tip Size


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, ,

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2 Iron 41", 3 Iron 40" 1/2, 4 Iron 40", 5 Iron 39"1/2, 6 Iron 39", 7 Iron 38"1/2, 8 Iron 38", 9 Iron 37"1/2, PW Iron 37"


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