Labor Rate $35.00 Hr Min

Custom Repair & Prep

Don’t feel Comfortable about working on that $400.00 Club… send it to us, we’ll fix or prep it…Free Shipping it back to you


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  Customer comes into your shop wants you to remove and replace his shaft on his new Callaway FTiZ composite head,  an not being comfortable about removing the shaft without damaging the head you tell the customer to send it back to the factory and you lost a potentale  sale. We here at Billy Bobs’ got you covered with that difficult repair or prep. We can help…  just send us the head or club we will fix or prep it and get it back to you in record time.  Most repairs and prepping are under an hours time,  were safe to say  you won’t have more than 35.00….  and if its more for any reason…. will contact you for further instructions. 

Please Give Us Instructions on what you want done on the order sheet


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In stock