Kirkland Three Piece & Callaway Tour Soft

We have two Brands of Golf Balls that we have and I use exclusively, I feel that are the best Quality for the Money, one is Kirkland 3 Piece and the Callaway Tour Soft.



Since Costco announced the appearance of Kirkland Golf Ball, both amateur and professional golfers have become crazy to get their hands on it.

Kirkland golf balls

Be curious to know WHY?   Before showing a detailed Kirkland golf balls review below, we will highlight GREAT POINTS that make you fall in love with this product instantly.This model is famous for offering the low handicap golfer with a high-spinning performance that can be formed from tee to green. That means it suits those who have different swing speeds.Moreover, it’s designed with a big core to enhance distance while maintaining the control.Although Kirkland is not a popular brand in this industry, it’s manufactured by Costco, a well-known brand for quality. Thankfully, Costco affirms that the quality of Kirkland products may even surpass the top national brands.That explains why the first release was sold out, and Costco is about to produce the second one.  Review By: Golf Simple Guide

Kirkland Vs. Titleist PROV1

For iron shots, these two balls perform equally with almost the same flying distance and spin. For driver shots, the Kirkland balls offer the lower spin and further flying distance than the PROV1. For wedge shots, the Kirkland golf balls might be less responsive and appealing in the greens than the Titleist PROV1. However, these features are hard to notice when playing.

Callaway Vs. Titleist PROV1

Overall, the biggest difference between the Chrome Soft and the Pro V1 is in the feel of the ball. The compression rating and the overall construction of the Chrome Soft with a larger core makes it a much softer feeling ball, although it performs almost identical to the Pro V1 in terms of distance, spin and control.    Review by: Under Par Goals




Kirkland Golf Balls

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